USB Flash controller

USB drives are applied to store and transfer files, photos, music, and videos. USB flash controllers should support flash in time since USB drives price is quite competitive. Solid State System' USB 3.0 flash controller delivered high data integrity, high stability, and cost - effective solution. These controllers deliver high data transfer rates with integrated 32 bit compatible microprocessor and support all kinds of NAND. With advanced ECC correction ability, and abundant NAND technology knowledge, the controllers ensure the highest reliability of NAND management. USB 3.0 controllers are compliant with USB 3.0 version 1.0 specification, and is backward compatibility with 1.1/ 2.0.


IC Name Spec. Channel Flash IO Voltage Package ECC
SSS6131 USB 3.0 1 3D/2D NAND 3.3V/1.8V 48pin EP-LQFP 40/64/72
SSS6132 USB 3.0 1 3D/2D NAND 3.3V/1.8V 48pin EP-LQFP Advance ECC
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